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«Министерство просвещения Российской Федерации»
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Research at SSUSSE

University scientific community carries out both basic and applied research in different fields which. The R&D activities are conducted by means of research projects and grants offered by Russian Fundamental Research Fund, Russian Humanitarian Research Fund, and Samara Science Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, etc.

R&D activities are carried out by University numerous scientific schools which are one of the most prominent in the region. SSUSSE closely cooperates with foreign scientific schools and research centers. The long-term and fruitful relations with foreign colleagues are developed in the field of archeology, anthropology, linguistics, intercultural communication, physical education and sports, history and biology. Success achieved in both fundamental and applied research in the fields of social sciences and humanities is globally recognized.

Annually, numerous international conferences are held in SSUSSE, in which leading scientists from all over the world take part. The research results are published in scientific journals most of which are included in the SCOPUS and Web of Science database.

University teachers and professors regularly undergo scientific internships in foreign universities and research centers, make presentations at international conferences worldwide, participate in various international professional societies and associations.

Students are welcome to take part in the research activities. They can exploit diverse facilities provided by the scientific laboratories of our University:

• Scientific Research Archaeology Lab

• Scientific Research Paleontological Lab

• Scientific Research Lab of Human Psychophysiology

• Giris Scientific Research Lab

• Scientific Research Lab of Self-Realisation and Innovative Technologies

• Scientific Research Lab “Innovative Technologies of Teaching Russian to Primary and Secondary School Students”

• Scientific Research Lab “Methods of Training and Teaching Children with Special Needs”

• Scientific Research Lab of New Information Technologies in Education

For outstanding results in research the students are awarded grants and scholarships from university, local and federal authorities depending on their contribution into national science development. 


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