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International Cooperation

Being a combination of old traditions and new educational approaches in learning and research the University has much to offer to international academic community. Since 2001, when the International Office was established, ourUniversityhas considerably extended its international contacts.It has won the recognition of the leading universities and colleges with which theUniversityhas research links and partnerships.This particularly applies to reciprocal lecture stays, participation in international conferences and coordination of scientific projects. Seeking for establishing new partnership relations we strongly believe that a genuine partnership involves collaboration, consultation, learning from each other, team-building and the creation of team spirit.


OurUniversityprovides students with high quality education corresponding to the world level which enables them to easily get integrated into any foreign higher education system. Apart from their degree certificate, our graduates can also receive a European Diploma Supplement.

Our students and academic staff travel abroad within agreements on cooperation with partner universitieswhich gives them opportunity to share experience and to professionally communicate with colleagues. Interest in staying abroad is growing steadily and every effort is made to enable the students to spend part of their studies abroad.

International cooperation offers theUniversitya great opportunity to present itself to the whole of the world academic community whose interest in theUniversityis steadily growing as well. We annually accept international students and postgraduates who either come as exchange students, or projects members or just want to perfect their Russian to further proceed with a degree program.