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First-Hand Impressions

Yao Chenshou, China

Hello! My name is Yao Chenshou, and learning the Russian language on special courses in Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education. I came to Samara because my friends were studying in the same university. They said here’s teachers are good and high qualified , and they were right! Ill exactly continue studying further in SSU. All clerks here are were pleasure to foreigners, Im glad that we are respected even in foreign country.
While whole 3 years here I fell in love with Samara, Im sure its my favorite city in Russia. Samara half modern half old town, and this contrast cannot but bewitch. Ive visited lots of places of Samara, theater, parks etc but there are lots I havent! If ones I have to move to another city, I exactly will travel to Samara again.

Martinez Fernandez Triana Daniela,Mexico

Hi! My name is Triana. I'm from Mexico and I came to Russia to study aerospace engineering! I wanted to know everything about Russia. I was so excited to get to know the country and to learn about different cultures. I got here by myself with a dream. Conserning Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education, I can confirm that is a very good university to study if you are planing to start somewhere here in Samara. They have provided me with the best services. My personal respect to the international office department which have helped me with every doubt I've had through out the process of getting used to my new life here in Russia. Conserning the education, I've had very good teachers, all of them have given me the bases to start with Russian language and thought me a bit about their culture. I'm beyond grateful for being able to have my experience in Russia to be the best thanks to the amazing service that Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education has provided me with.

Zhao Jincai, China

ZhaoMy name is Zhao Jincai. I am a student from China. I am here to study. When I came to Russia I did not know the language. Moscow was the first city which I visited in this country. But later my friends persuaded me to leave it and to move to Samara to study there. So I came to Samara where I took preliminary courses at Samara State Medical University. But later I started thinking about changing the profession and chose the profession of a teacher of the Russian language. That is why now I am a student of the Department of the Russian language and Russian literature of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education.

Of course it is very interesting to know about the traditions and culture of the country you live and stay for a long time. Here I have many friends and that helps me to learn much more about the culture of the country. As I have many friends here I often talk to them and so I improve the language. When I have free time I like to walk along the embankment and go to the cinema. So I enjoy both my free time and studying here.

BienBien Raphael Elie, France

Hello. My name is Rafael. I came here with three other students from France on an exchange programme. We had a possibility to attend classes of Russian, English and Economics. It was rather difficult to be at the lessons held in Russian. When I came here for the second time I continued my classes with the third-year students. It was a great experience because I could see and understand Russian culture much better now.

GozemGözem Çelfiş, Turkey

I am a Turkish instructor of ESL. I have been teaching English for 3 years at Anadolu University. I came to teach atSamara State University of Social Sciences and Educationon an exchange programme within a university agreement. Samara has the beautiful Volga and the forests. There are so many cultural and artistic spots such as the Philarmonic Orchestra Building, the Drama Theatre, the Modern Art Museum and so on.

All the people that I met including the colleagues were absolutely friendly and helpful to me. They arranged some sightseeing tours and even a Russian folk music concert. They treated me very well and they were so kind and open-hearted to me. I had quite lovely times in Russia with those new friends of mine. I believe the institution possesses a prestigious acknowledgement.

Balazs Racz, Hungary

BalazsHello! I am Balazs. I am from Hungary. I can speak German and English. I travel a lot and I came to the conclusion that the best way to know a foreign language and another country is to come and to stay there. That is why when I started studying Russian I decided to come to Russia. I choseSamara State University of Social Sciences and Education. Samara is situated on the river Volga. This is a very big city with lots of shops, restaurants and lots of stalls. The thing which I like most of all is a beautiful embankment and a very long beach where I liked to walk.

I met with very kind, well-educated people from International Office of the University who were my teachers of the Russian language. All of them speak English, German and French fluently. They helped me not only in learning the Russian language but their culture as well. They organized excursions. We went to different museums, went skating and even had a picnic. They helped me a lot. So I can say that I really had very good and enjoyable holidays.

Pham Thi Thuy Trang, Vietnam

PhamHi! I am Chang. I came from Vietnam. I decided to study in Russia because I want to speak Russian fluently and to understand Russian culture. I have been to Russia for 5 years and I am a student of the Department of Economics. I like this faculty very much. At first that was very difficult for me because I did not know Russian but now it is much easier and I get only good and excellent marks. Thanks to my teachers of Russian I can speak Russian rather well. I have my favorite teacher who gives me much knowledge and who has been teaching me to understand Russian culture and its specificity much better. Come to study here and you will learn such an interesting language as well as its mysterious culture.

OmoniyOmoniy Babatunde Akinwale, Nigeria

Hello! My name is Babatunde Omoniy. I am from Nigeria. I came here to study the Russian language as well as some other foreign languages as I am a student of the Department of the Foreign Languages. Knowledge of foreign languages helps everyone to know more about foreign cultures, to understand its specificity. I am happy to be here.

Milan Čermák, Czech Republic

Drug called endless railway

It started in year 1987. That year my family moved to a newly build flat in the fifth floor with a perfect view to the railway-station in my hometown. The heart of a two year old boy was lost forever. Trains are my life, it started in my childhood with a model railway in front of the window with direct view to the railway-station and finally I reached the nirvana in Russia.

In Czech Republic townhall is usually the biggest building in the town, in Russia it can be only a railway-station. Have you ever seen this amazing phenomenon? The first railway-station which I met was called Sheremetevo airport. Have you ever seen the airport where train terminal is more beautiful than main airport terminal? Nice surprise and not to say anything about those girls from train personnel. I dont know how it was possible but they were prettier than girls from our Airbus of Aeroflot. Now I was sure… yes this is the right country, here I have to enjoy it. I really dont understand who can make a mistake and go from Sheremetevo by taxi :).

And than it is here. I am standing in the middle of my own space, I am standing in the middle of the square from my childhood dreams. Railway-stations where you just look. Trains going to all directions. Do you want to Ufa? Just enter the train! Do you want to Sochi, welcome on board. Do you want to Samara? Platform Nr. 6 :).

I entered my train, not the best, but the comfort of life radio in Ziguli I tried on my way back :). In front a Czech engine (from Plzen, where my university is, I was sooo proud:) behind 17 green coaches, sooo long and a samovar in every coach. What a surprise: In this train everyone has own clothes and shoes specially for traveling by train! Wow! In an hour every person is already in own train-dress, drinking own train-tea, making own train-comfort. This is a train-country!

I loved it, do you know, how you can recognize a foreigner in a Russian express train? He doesnt have shorts and drinks lemonade instead of tea :). He doesnt know how to climb the upper bed and he is in the morning running from one side of the coach to the other because he didnt know that toilet would be closed one hour before Samara :).

16 hours, 900 kilometers and 5 teas (usually I dont drink tea:). Later we crossed one huge lake somebody calls it the Volga and we are sure, now we have to be already close to our destination. After crossing one third of the European part of Russia, which is by the way equivalent to passing twice my country from one end to the other :), we are finally ready to open doors into absolutely the same but a completely different world. We are ready for new experiences. Samara, here we go!