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Ten Good Reasons to Choose SSUSSE

  • The University offers excellent programmes of study which are constantly being updated and reviewed to reflect the changing needs of education, industry, and commerce
  • TheUniversityprovides a vigorous learning environment for all students through degree and research programmes that reflect the latest thinking and as such offer exciting intellectual challenges
  • The academic staff of the highest quality can offer expert supervision across a wide range of subjects
  • TheUniversitycarries out world-class research across most disciplines which is proven to be some of the best within Russia
  • Universitygraduates enjoy great placement opportunities and often achieve great results in their chosen careers
  • TheUniversityprovides a supportive and stimulating environment in which students can thrive
  • TheUniversityoffers great opportunities to pursue sporting and cultural interests
  • Our Diploma qualifies its holder to work in Russian and foreign companies, to conduct research in different areas authorised by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
  • The qualification got at theUniversityprovides access to Postgraduate Doctorate study and Professional Development Programmes
  • Our programmes equip students with skills and knowledge which help them meet big challenges of tomorrow.